Hall Cuyum

In the first basement of the hotel is this space, private and quiet, ideal for holding business meetings.

Maximum Cocktail Capacity: 80 people

Maximum Capacity Auditorium: 60 people

Surface: 75 mt2

Height: 3,2 mts

Hall Pincanta

Elegant and with its own style, the Pincanta space located in the first basement of the hotel is ideal for weddings, conferences, business meetings or birthdays.

Maximum Cocktail Capacity: 140 people

Maximum Capacity Auditorium: 100 people

Surface: 140 m2

Height: 3.3 meters

Kitek Cava Lounge

La Cava is located in the basement of our Hotel and its name, in Huarpe, means * fire *. This space of chopped brick, water fountains, penumbras set, chandeliers with candles and backlit furniture is ideal for corporate and social meetings as relaxed as exclusive with a maximum capacity of 90 people.

Maximum Cocktail Capacity: 120 people

Surface: 118 m2

Hall Walta

This environment of restricted and private access is at the level of the lobby and has free Wi-Fi. The room can be equipped with LCD screen as well as projector and have coffee break service, as well as use the Chimpay Bistro restaurant to complete your event with a lunch.

Maximum Capacity: 10 people

Surface: 20 mt2

Height: 2.4 mts

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Additional services

    • Gastronomic services
    • Technical equipment
    • DJ music, lights, sound.
    • Atmosphere.
    • Artistic shows
    • Dedicated internet connection (video conference)
    • Simultaneous transmission